What's a Shuv-It?

A SHUV-IT® is a stackable table wedge
that is flexible in form and function

SHUV-IT® are solid yet flexible, wedge-shaped inserts to stabilize table legs, appliances, and machinery. Truly multi-faceted, you’ll find them more than just a table wedge. They are a convenient helping hand when you need one throughout every facet of your operation.

In addition to being the optimal choice to fix wobbly tables, they work to prop open doors and windows, secure wheeled carts or bins, function as furniture castors, and elevate machinery that need air circulation. And they do these jobs securely so your business operates safer.

Made of 100% Recycled Material

SHUV-IT® are made solely from recycled and repurposed material that is tough and strong yet pliable. Using them will make you feel good about yourself because you’re doing the environment a favor, as well as your business.

Shuv-Its Are Many Things at Once

So, you see, SHUV-IT® are many things at once. A table leveler. A stabilizer for appliances, machines and fixtures. A safety tool. A spacer. A door stop or window prop. A room enhancer. A cost-saver.

Made in the USA

Here’s another reason to feel good: SHUV-IT® are 100% made in the USA. Your purchase supports American people and jobs.