Why Shuv-It?

Helpful for both customers and employees

SHUV-IT® Enhance Guest Comfort and Dining Room Appeal

Wobbly tables are uncomfortable for your guests, detract from their experience, and undermine the atmosphere you’ve worked hard to create. Unfortunately, they are fact of life in the restaurant industry. There’s no better solution than SHUV-IT® to fix a wobbly table.

What’s more, wobbly tables are unsafe and can lead to accidents. Tables that are used to hold or stage glasses, carafes, and bottles can send those items crashing to the ground if not correctly stabilized. In this scenario, an accident like that causes loss of materials from breakage, as well as an unprofessional appearance and embarrassment. Other choices to stabilize a table, such as napkins and coasters, are ineffective, unappealing, and a misuse of resources.

SHUV-IT® are the fast, easy, and clean choice to stabilize tables in your restaurant. Their black color blends in with most every décor and makes them nearly invisible to your customers. Your patrons won’t notice a SHUV-IT® under their table, but they’ll definitely notice when it’s not.

SHUV-IT® Create a More Efficient, Safer Kitchen

Much more than just a table leveler, SHUV-IT® have uses everywhere in your restaurant. Kitchen appliances like refrigerators, freezers, and mixers—even washing machines and dryers—often need to be level to operate effectively and at peak efficiency.

Floors where these machines are often used aren’t level. SHUV-IT® are fabulous options to stabilize heavy machinery in these areas. The angled design of SHUV-IT® make them easily stackable, and their non-slip construction puts heavy machines and appliances under solid footing.

SHUV-IT® also help with stabilizing shelving, lessening the chance of accidents, loss, and injury. Wheeled carts and bins can also be secured to not move by using a SHUV-IT® or two. Machines that need air circulation, such as food dehydrators, get a lift by placing SHUV-IT® underneath them.